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Beeswax Wraps

At Bivaxfabriken all of the beeswax wraps are carefully handmade with love. Along with beautiful fabrics and high quality raw materials we aim to create an aesthetic feel in our products that fits great in every kitchen.

It is of high importance for us to use raw materials with low carbon footprint while still remaining good quality. Our beeswax is collected from different beekeepers around Sweden. Since the wax is fresh it gives off a nice touch of honey and a softness in the beeswax wrap. To enhance the functionality of the beeswax wraps it also contains ecological coconut oil and pine resin.

The result is a beeswax wrap that’s easy to use, aesthetically looking and kind to the environment. Our favourite part is the fact that the wrap can be used over and over again for up to one year’s time. What happens after approximately one year is that the beeswax wrap could attain cracks due it´s loss of beeswax. To avoid this you can simply buy our “reactivate -kit” to prolong the product's lifetime by another year. That way the beeswax wrap is usable for a longer time – and remember, every plastic bag that is neglected is one step closer to a better future.  

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