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About Us

We who run Bivaxfabriken are two young guys from Sweden who just graduated from high school. We think that the use of plastic is far too widespread and therefore we want to spend our time doing something about the problem. When we then discovered how unnecessary single-use-plastic really is – or rather how good alternatives there actually are - we were surprised. That's why we started making beeswax wraps.

For us, it is important to bear a responsibility for sustainable development and therefore we place great emphasis on choosing locally produced raw materials of high quality. Bees are a key species for pollination and by using Swedish beeswax, you also contribute to better conditions for Swedish agriculture and food supply. As the animal species becomes increasingly threatened by climate change, we consider it our responsibility to choose beeswax from farms that have a high level of competence and awareness. This also contributes to better biodiversity, which is extremely important.

We try to keep a guideline to follow the UN Global Goals. These include, among other things, sustainable consumption, reduced food waste and the sustainable use of ecosystems and biodiversity. We do all this to be able to pull our straw to the pile, so that the planet will be preserved for our children and grandchildren.

Today we offer products that not only replace plastic but also create a colorful existence - in the fridge, for the lunch box or why not for a romantic picnic. Our beeswax wraps are made from carefully selected raw materials that result in an environmentally friendly and high-quality product. Today we try to grow daily to be able to spread our product even more around the world.

Join us on our journey!


Albin Ljudén & Victor Olsmats